Tumbleweed in my brain!

According to my mother I always have something to say for myself but apparently, having decided to start my very own blog, I have nothing… Tumbleweed bouncing gently across the part of my brain responsible for sparkling conversation…

So I’m Sadie. Hi! This is my world. Well, I guess I mentioned crafting and whatnot in my header so let me tell you what I’m working on right now.
My vet celebrates their 1st birthday at the end of this month and at the moment I’m busy kitting out two of our six dogs in fancy dress outfits – they’re going as flowers. They don’t actually know this yet and I suspect they’ll not be all that thrilled but they’ll love it when they win prizes for being adorable! The outfits aren’t finished yet so it’s a case of watch this space and pics will follow… In the meantime I’ll leave you with a pic without outfits added so the dog lovers among you can see my babies. The little black dog is Bella – at 7 months old she is genuinely a puppy while the miniature Jack Russell next to her (Freya) is six years old so not quite a puppy anymore.



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